Biohazard & Trauma Cleanup Services in CA, NV, & AZ
Biohazard / Trauma Cleanup
Alliance’s Traumatic Event technicians are ABRA and OSHA certified in trauma, blood-borne pathogens, biohazardous waste disposal, hoarding, and meth lab cleanup.

What Is Biohazard or Trauma Cleanup?

No one wants or expects to be in a situation where they need a hazardous material cleanup company. A crime scene may sit for days while the police investigate. By the time the authorities have finished their duties, trying to clean the scene may feel beyond your emotional and physical capabilities.

You can trust Alliance Environmental for professional trauma cleanup services. We offer crime and trauma scene decontamination that will make the area as good as new when we leave.

Our services include:

– Blood cleanup: We use special chemicals to remove blood safely and dispose of it securely. We secure the area against blood borne pathogens, or diseases that live in the bloodstream, by putting bloody items in biohazard bags and following federal guidelines for biohazardous waste disposal at approved landfills or facilities.

– Crime scene cleanup: We remediate and decontaminate the crime scene, ridding it of fingerprint dust, drug debris or tear gas while also sanitizing the area and removing threats of viruses and disease.

– Unattended death cleanup: When a person’s death is not detected for days or weeks, it is referred to as an unattended death, which can be very hard for a family to deal with. The decomposition of the body can lead to harmful bacteria spreading throughout the home, and we can eliminate it.

– Suicide cleanup: Suicide is one of the most traumatic incidents a family can endure, and our services can assist with handling the decomposition and odors that may occur. It’s critical that the task is not left to family members, who will only suffer more trauma.

We can perform these services in a home, office or vehicle. Wherever you need trauma scene cleanup, our technicians can do it.

Meth lab cleanup: Alliance technicians are well-versed and trained in the lawful and safe cleanup of former meth lab sites. The work is extremely dangerous and requires professional remediation due to the number of health hazards that can be present.

Hoarding cleanup: At Alliance, we bring homes and properties back to a safe and liveable condition while being attentive and respectful to the underlying emotional realities of the situation. Our professional cleanup teams work efficiently and properly to clean and decontaminate the home in a non-judgmental fashion.

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I received a asbestos, lead-based paint, and mold inspection from this company. Warren was the one working with me, he was reliable, professional and extremely helpful! I couldn’t be more happy with the service. I would recommend this company to anyone! It was a pleasure working with them!!

Maria Bravo

Hear From Our Clients

Our Bio/Trauma Services

We work with government agencies, apartment complexes, hospitals, maritime, local and state police to handle biohazardous waste and trauma scene cleanups.

– Homicide Remediation
– Suicide, Accidental and Unattended Death Cleanup
– Cleaning and Disinfecting
– Vehicle Cleaning and Decontamination
– Property Rehabilitation
– Flood and Body Fluid Disposal
– Meth Lab Cleanup
– Fingerprint Dust Removal
– Tear Gas Remediation
– Hazardous Waste Disposal

Turn to Alliance Environmental for Trauma Scene Cleanup

Alliance Environmental has the experience and expertise to perform crime scene cleanup. With more than 25 years in the industry, we have completed over 200,000 jobs, including trauma cleanup and other services. People trust us because we get the job done well. We also understand the sensitive nature of trauma scenes, and we approach them with care and discretion.

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Our technicians are trained and have the necessary certifications to do the work. They know the best, most effective methods to use in any crime scene situation. We can reduce the reminders of a traumatic incident or death through our services

Alliance Environmental relies on innovative equipment to do the job well. We have outstanding brand recognition for all our services, including trauma scene cleanup, and we have a large reach, with 13 locations throughout California, Nevada, Arizona and Washington. Contact us to request a quote today.

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