Biohazard: What To Do

For most property and facility managers, biohazard training is often overlooked. This leaves the manager nervous in handling a sensitive situation. When discovering a body, whether suicide or natural death, biohazard materials are left behind, contaminating the area.

Biohazard material includes blood, saliva, vomit, urine, feces or other bodily fluids. All of these materials should remain untouched by you and your staff.

If biohazardous materials are found, you must first:

  • Notify authorities
  • Secure the room; do not allow employees inside the space
  • If bio material is in a car mark the car “BIOHAZARD” and move into a private area
  • Contact a Trauma Waste Practitioner for assistance
  • Contact a licensed cleanup company

Many property and facility managers want to handle the cleanup in-house. Unfortunately, due to Federal OSHA Regulations, your employees cannot be exposed to biohazardous waste without receiving proper blood borne pathogen training, having a written exposure plan, proper personal protective equipment, and offered a Hepatitis B vaccine.

Since some diseases can live outside the body for days, it is vital to have a licensed company handle any biohazard material. Using maintenance crews who are not licensed not only puts them at risk, but also leaves room for error as countertops and floor cracks may not be cleaned thoroughly.

Alliance Environmental Group is licensed to handle small to large biohazard contaminations, including vehicle contaminations. Robert McKeever is the Project Manager for Trauma Cleanup Team at Alliance Environmental Group. He has more than 8 years of experience in the bio/hoarder clean-up industry and an extensive background in sales, customer service, new business development and business management.

We use discreet vehicles to ensure the sensitivity of the situation is handled property for you and the family involved. We provide quick service and work with local authorities if needed. Robert’s compassion, professionalism and knowledge of hoarding and biohazard make it possible for him to assist even the most complex situations.

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