Crime Scene Crew Called Again!

A crime scene is always a sad situation. Even if the victims and perpetrators are strangers, our heartstrings respond to unnecessary suffering and death, as they should.

Alliance Environmental Group can help in a situation like this and we got another chance this weekend at a double homicide scene in San Jacinto, California.

Two bodies were found in a home and authorities believe they had been there for several weeks. The process of decomposition was quite advanced and the victims were going to have to be identified by fingerprints or dental records.

But a crime scene that has taken several weeks to discover is not a fun cleanup job for the typical property owner, and even a very recent crime scene is better handled by professionals.

This project involved elements from 2 of the 3 most common types of crime scenes: Violent Death and Decomposition:

Violent Death
Whether at the hands of a violent criminal or by suicide, violent deaths are quite horrific in terms of cleanup after the coroner has left the scene. Organic matter like blood, brain tissue and feces, can be found just about anywhere:

* Walls
* Floors
* Carpets
* Baseboards
* Counters
* Ceilings
* Light fixtures
* Family photos
* Decorative trinkets
* Artwork
* Appliances

Dangerous biological pathogens can literally be found on anything at the scene and, if they are not fully cleaned and sanitized, can lead to mold, bacteria and fungal growth.

Every molecule of organic matter must be cleaned from the scene, even from places you can’t see easily, like under carpets and between floorboards.


A decomposing body does not wreak so much havoc over a large area as a violent death, but it can be more revolting to an ordinary person. The smell alone seems to set off an alarm in people to get out quick. Depending on how long the person has been deceased, crime and trauma scene cleanup crews can have to deal with liquified skin and organs and insects, including maggots that try to run away and hide when the cleaners come. Those maggots carry blood from the victim, possibly infected with viruses or bacteria, and have to be found and burned.

Read more about Crime Scene Cleanup.

Our Crime Scene Cleanup Crew was up to the job and the bodies were identified over the weekend. Our condolences go out to the families and friends of the victims of this horrific crime. You can see some pictures of our crew on the scene on our Facebook Page (nothing gross).

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