CSI Azusa: Crime and Trauma Scenes

Crime and Trauma scenes involve all sorts of hazardous materials, both biological and chemical, not to mention other nasty substances that make ordinary people run for the hills.  Or at least the bushes!

What Do the Cleanup Crews Wear?

Crime and Trauma scene cleanup crews wear one-time-use, nonporous hazardous materials suits, filtered respirators, gloves and chemical spill boots.  This equipment keeps them safe from biological and chemical hazards and makes it possible for them to go into a scene with terrible smells and substances.

What Do They Use to Clean the Scene?

Along with typical cleaning supplies like mops, sponges, buckets and spray bottles, professional clean up crews bring a lot of specialized equipment:

* Ozone machines to remove odors
* Foggers—cleaning chemicals have to reach all the way down into air ducts to get rid of bad smells, too
* Industrial strength disinfectants and deodorizers
* Enzyme solvents to eliminate viruses and bacteria, as well as liquefy dried blood!
* Razor blades to remove portions of carpeting

Okay, now this is getting to be a bit much…

* Putty knives to remove “gray matter” from surfaces, because it dries hard like cement
* Shovels—after a couple of hours, blood can be shoveled into containers
* Steam injection machines to soften substances so they can be removed
* Chemical treatment tank to disinfect matter that has been vacuumed up

Back to stuff I can deal with now…

* A truck to transport everything
* Ladders
* Reconstruction supplies and tools
* Camera—for before and after photos and for insurance

If I had a situation that needed this kind of cleanup, I would definitely bring in a team and come back when it’s all gone!  Wouldn’t you?

Alliance Environmental Services offers Crime and Trauma Scene Cleanup by our thoroughly trained and protected professional staff.  We provide all decontamination services including: disinfection, odor neutralization and total removal of biological and infectious waste, blood, and bodily fluids in residential, commercial and industrial settings as well as vehicles.

Our crews are well-trained, experienced and empathetic.  They will take care of your most upsetting messes with professionalism and tact.

If you have an environmental cleanup situation anywhere in California and would like someone else to take care of it for you, please contact us.

Next time:  What professional cleanup crews do that you couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do yourself!

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