Mold Growth During Winter Months

Mold can grow at any time of the year. Although, it you might think it can grow more during summer days mold can still grow in the winter. In AirTek’s blog, we talked about how you can winterize your home during the winter to avoid water damage. Today we wanted to talk about how to prepare your home for the winter and avoid any mold to grow. Wet season is also winter season and mold can grow and expand. Mold is usually contained near areas where water is present. When there are sources for mold to grow, it can grow easily and reproduce.

Mold spores can also naturally found indoors and outdoors. Our indoor environments can also create conditions that can foster these spores to increase. Since we tend to close up our homes when it becomes cold, moisture can be trapped and raise humidity levels. That is the time where you might see signs of mold growing. Condensation that is warm and trapped moisture from the humidity can dramatically increase the likelihood of mold growing in our environments.

Where can mold be found in the home during winter months?

  • Exterior of drywall
  • sheet rocks
  • Corner rooms
  • Ducts

You can prep your home by eliminating humidity in your home and keep your thermostat programmed. Set ceiling fans in reverse. Keep the ductwork in your home clean and also keep the filters clean. Many people do not think about mold growing during the winter, but mold can definitely grow and can become a big issue. If you begin to spot signs of mold during this time, contact a mold remediation service and they will help clean and disinfect your home. Alliance Environmental has been helping many achieve cleaner and healthier environments for 25 years. If you have any questions regarding any mold services, contact us and we can be of assistance.

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