Prevent Mold from Growing in Crawlspaces

We read tons of news and articles about mold being found in schools, in commercial properties and even mold found in books from a library. However, we don’t hear that mold his found in crawlspaces. For instance many homeowners forget about checking if their crawlspace has mold. In fact, most people might have mold in their crawlspace and not even realize it. When do homeowners realize they have mold in their crawlspace? Homeowners may realize that they have mold in their crawlspace when a home inspector or appraiser tells them when they are trying to sell their home.

Nevertheless it is never too late to get rid of the mold in your crawlspace. Crawlspace mold is often caused by a lack of ventilation. Without proper ventilation mold growth will keep spreading and growing. You can prevent mold from spreading by checking your crawlspace every few months. Check for cracks or holes that were not present the last time you check because they may be a passage for moisture, mold or water to transport to other areas in your home. If you do have vented crawlspaces, then make sure that insulation is tightly sealed. If you have any questions regarding mold and need assistance removing mold in your environment contact your local Alliance Environmental office and we may be of assistance. Our Environmental services at Alliance Environmental provides mold removal. Alliance Environmental will then develop a remediation plan detailing method, scope, time and controls to be used, based on fungus type and location. Our services include proper containment and removal as well as thorough site decontamination.

*Below is an educational video provided by the IAQ Network

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