6 Bed Bug Facts Every Hotel Manager Needs to Know

The common bedbug is an extremely fascinating and highly aggravating insect. Resilient and tenacious, every pest control expert will tell you that it is one of the most difficult insects to eliminate from any property, but especially at high-turnover hotels. Every hotel manager should know how to handle a possible bedbug infestation:

Bed Bug Facts

  1. Bed bugs love your guests as much as you do–Keep in mind, bedbugs prefer a human host. The most common type of bedbug is out to get you and your guests. They simply prefer to dine on human hosts. But don’t panic over this, as they are more a nuisance than a threat to your health.
  2. Most people do not feel when they are being bitten–Even though they prefer a human host, most people are unaware they are being bitten. Since bedbugs don’t actually live on their human prey like lice, fleas and other pestilential insects, you will not notice them on your skin. Instead, they prefer the warmth and security of bed linens, clothes and even luggage.
  3. Bed bugs don’t carry disease but they can cause infection–Bedbugs bites are so mild, they rarely awaken a sleeping host. Unfortunately, the bites can develop into ugly welts and even cause a mild rash. In extreme cases, the bite will fester and form pustules.
  4. Not every night is a feeding night–Some people do not notice bites every night as bedbugs usually do not feed daily. This is problematic for hotel managers as you may not realize that you have a problem until it gets grows into a larger problem. In addition to this, bites sometime take a few days to manifest themselves, which can delay the discovery of an infestation in your hotel rooms.
  5. Heat treatment kills bed bugs and their eggs–Once discovered, bedbugs can be remedied by Alliance Environmental Group’s ThermaPure Heat treatment. ThermaPure Heat is the only process that can ensure killing bedbugs, including the eggs. The heat is able to penetrate the bedbug’s small nesting areas within the Hotel room and surrounding rooms.
  6. Fumigation could require more than one treatment, heat only takes one–If using traditional fumigation, multiple treatments will be necessary to ensure all future-hatching eggs are killed, which causes delay to renting that room.

Alliance Environmental Group’s ThermaPure Heat is a simple solution for a Hotel Manager’s difficult bedbug situation.

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