Asbestos Demolition 101: What It Is and Why You Need It

Asbestos Demolition 101: What It Is and Why You Need It

Do you have asbestos? There are many options available, including asbestos demolition. Here’s what you need to know.

Asbestos. It is an issue that affects buildings across the globe, and it has done so for over a century. Once believed to be a miracle substance, it is now understood to be a major health issue when disturbed. Thankfully, there are companies dedicated to helping keep people safe from asbestos at any stage of a building’s life, from renovation and remodeling to demolition. Here are a few things that you need to know about asbestos remediation and asbestos demolition, and what to do if you have a building that may have asbestos trapped in its walls and ceilings.

Asbestos Demolition Explained

Before we talk about the many options that are available for managing asbestos, let’s talk about asbestos demolition specifically. As it sounds, asbestos demolition is when demolition services are required with a building that is known to contain hazardous forms of asbestos. It is used to ensure that the asbestos itself is contained and rendered safe. This practice is used in two instances: when a building is scheduled for demolition, and when parts of a building are found to have asbestos.

In the first instance, asbestos demolition experts are called in to safely contain asbestos prior to demolition. While many people may think that demolishing a building will do what’s required to stop asbestos from being dangerous. However, careful removal is often required before a full-scale demolition. This is to ensure that asbestos is fully contained instead of spreading far and wide during demolition.

In the second instance, companies will call for professional asbestos demolition to contain asbestos in a space that needs to be demolished instead of simply remediated. The reasons for doing this vary. In some cases, it is because large-scale renovations and remodeling are planned; the area with asbestos will be demolished to make way for these changes. In other instances, part of a building is being removed for something else, such as infrastructure, which means the asbestos will be safely removed before these demolitions take place.

No matter the reason, if demolition is planned for a building that may contain asbestos, then you will need to call in the experts for asbestos demolition services. Only the experts have the tools and experience required to safely remove and dispose of any hazardous asbestos before the demolition commences.

Why is Asbestos Dangerous?

While asbestos hasn’t been used in buildings in decades, it still exists in buildings across the world. Originally used as a miracle material that was flame-retardant and insulating, the material was gradually linked to issues involving respiratory illness and disease. Since the link was discovered, governments across the globe have moved to restrict its use. But since asbestos is only an issue when disturbed, and not when it is locked safely behind walls, many governments chose targeted asbestos removal over general asbestos demolition of all buildings with asbestos.

Alternatives to Asbestos Demolition

While asbestos demolition may seem like the only option, remember that many companies are dedicated to professional asbestos remediation that can transform a space and remove any and all traces of asbestos. In fact, many historical buildings across the country can get a much-needed facelift while making them safer and respecting their intricate history. If you have an older building that you want to preserve but are worried about the impact of removing the asbestos, then be sure to contact a professional asbestos remediation company. They can walk you through how they can remove the asbestos without destroying what makes a building so special.

When it comes to making a building or area safe, asbestos-related services are required. Many buildings standing today still contain a large amount of hazardous asbestos. Thankfully, it is often sealed and locked away where it does not cause any problems. When a space is being demolished, however, then it is time to call in the experts for asbestos demolition services.

Only the experts can assess a building for potential asbestos problems and then carry out a safe and controlled asbestos removal before a building is totally or partially demolished. Since asbestos remains a major health concern, it is absolutely necessary that the asbestos is removed before any demolition potentially causes it to spread. Never take a risk when it comes to asbestos. Instead, call in the professionals to help you with asbestos demolition services.

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