Asbestos Demolition Inspection

If there is a building that needs to be demolished it needs to be checked if asbestos exists inside. State and local air program inspectors inspect renovation and demolition sites to determine if sites are in compliance with state standards.

If asbestos is found inside a building it needs to be inspected to avoid debris and asbestos fibers and an abatement company can do the removal process.

Having this in mind, recent news from a state in Oklahoma are having issues trying to demolish a building. The building contains asbestos but personnel does not want anyone to go inside the building because it is too dangerous. However, it is important to perform an asbestos abatement in the building in order to avoid any problems.

There is a tedious process that inspectors must do in order to avoid future problems like expose people to asbestos.

Examples of What Inspectors May Do Before A Demolition Is Perform:

  • Inspectors review notification documents.
  • Inspectors inspect the job sites to make sure it is safe.
  • Inspectors collect any documentation and evidence that is needed.
  • Inspector may do an asbestos survey

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