Asbestos Popcorn Ceiling Project and a Great Review

A customer in Santa Clara called us in to remove a popcorn ceiling that had tested positive for asbestos. She had a great experience working with Gio and we wanted to tell you all about it!

Gio first recommended that she have the ceiling tested herself, since she only had test results told to her by the previous owner of the home. Removing a ceiling with asbestos is a more complex process than removing a ceiling without it.

When the test came back positive, Gio went out to the home to measure the ceiling and while he was there observed some water staining in one of the rooms of the house. Gio let the homeowner know and it turned out that she had noticed a musty odor and also felt some flu-like symptoms in that room! Gio told her that Alliance could both remove the popcorn ceiling and deal with any mold they found on the sheetrock below.

The project took three days to complete so the homeowners went on a mini-vacation. Gio called them while they were away to let them know that the sheetrock was “crumbling” and received permission to remove it. The water damage was from an old roof leak, but mold had taken hold. Since Alliance was already at work, it wasn’t too much additional cost to remove the mold on the beams as well.

Gio had really been paying attention, though, because he remembered that the homeowner has allergies and their youngest child has asthma, which could definitely be exacerbated by any mold spores which might be lurking in the ventilation system. Gio explained that mold can grow in ductwork and be distributed throughout the house with the dust that mold can feed on. The homeowner considered that the house is definitely dustier in the winter when the furnace is running and might be in need of some maintenance. Gio was happy to provide both a reasonable estimate and great work. The customer was especially impressed with the before and after pictures of their ducts!

When the customer returned home to a fixed, cleaned and repainted home, she was thrilled! “I cannot stop praising the service from Alliance Environmental Group and especially Gio who took the time each step of the way…When we returned home it was like a brand new home…I would not hesitate to refer Alliance Environmental Group for any of your Asbestos, Lead, Mold, Duct Cleaning needs.”

Isn’t that a great review?

If you need help with popcorn ceilings or any other asbestos removal, lead paint, mold abatement or duct cleaning (from our sister company AirTek), we are here for you!

And thanks for your awesome work, Gio!

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