Terminology in the Asbestos Industry

Asbestos is a hazardous material and can be very dangerous if exposed. If employers and workers do not take proper precautions for work around asbestos, workers can develop serious health complications and diseases such as mesothelioma.

To prevent these health problems and exposure to asbestos it is important to understand specific phrases and terms in the asbestos industry.

Doing so can educate workers and employees while working with others.

Basic Phrases used in the Asbestos Industry:

  1. Asbestos Containing Material: Material that is manufactured that contains at least 0.5% asbestos.
  2. Asbestos Survey: A written report that informs and locates all asbestos containing material in a building or structure.
  3. Containment: A system that isolates and contains asbestos fibers within a designated area where asbestos containing material is handled.
  4. Encapsulation: A process to treat products that contain asbestos from being airborne and prevents the fibers from being released.
  5. NIOSH 100 series filter: A high efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) for respiratory protection.

These are the terms that you hear often in the industry. It is important to always wear protective gear when handling asbestos.

It is also important to hire a qualified company and qualified person who has had proper education, training and experience managing and controlling of asbestos.

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