Asbestos Removal is NOT a DIY Project!

Did you think that asbestos was a problem of years ago and is no longer a threat? It’s actually dangerous to think of it that way—it leads to accidental and preventable exposure!

Asbestos is a dangerous carcinogen and there is no safe level of exposure to this mineral made of tiny fibers. However, it was deemed extremely useful for insulation and its fire-retardant properties for many, many years. And when no one knew the dangers, they even made decorative Christmas snow for the kids to play with out of asbestos! Gross!

Today, asbestos has been banned for many uses and is no longer used in current building materials. However, during renovations, asbestos-containing materials can be discovered and disturbed, leading to the possibility of illness and even death years later.

Here’s a great infographic we received from one of our Twitter buddies, @BanAsbestos—Asbestos, Silent Killer:

Asbestos can cause cancer and other serious illnesses. There is no way of knowing whether or when you or someone you love will get sick from asbestos so you can’t take any chances. If you know or suspect that asbestos in your home has been exposed due to a natural disaster or damage or could be exposed by renovations, be sure to call a professional for safe asbestos removal. Alliance Environmental Group can take care of any asbestos in your home or other building without any danger to you, your family or your employees or to our highly trained asbestos removal experts.

Asbestos fibers can stay in the air, breathable and disease-causing, for minutes when exposed and the dust from asbestos remains a threat as long as it is present. Using a professional team to remove your asbestos means there will be no danger now or in the future from beautifying your home. Let us take care of your asbestos safely!

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