Bed Bug Tips for Renters

When you move into a new apartment or rental house, usually there is new paint, maybe even new appliances. Everything looks beautiful and pristine, almost like no one has ever lived there before.

But maybe someone is still living there and you just don’t know it.

Bed bugs are insidious–difficult to eradicate and easy to overlook when you’re excited about finding the perfect new place. Here are some tips for renters to help you avoid having a bed bug problem when you move:

  • Ask the landlord if there have ever been bed bugs. It’s best to bring someone with you when you meet with your landlord so that there is a witness to the fact that you asked and what his or her answer was in case of a problem later.
  • Have your new home inspected. This might sound like an extra expense when you are spending a lot on moving, but it could save you a lot of trouble later on. If you don’t want to tell your landlord you are having the place inspected, bring your inspector along as a friend when you are doing a final look around before you sign the lease.
  • Do tell–If your new place does have bed bugs–or if you get them later–notify the landlord and the other tenants in writing, even though it is embarrassing. Remember, having bed bugs doesn’t mean you’re dirty or a bad housekeeper. It’s just something that happens. A lot. But your landlord is responsible for treating the infestation and, if you live in a multi-family building, they spread quickly and easily from unit to unit. Nip them in the bud!
  • File a claim–If you discover bed bugs, file a claim with your local Health Department or Housing Department. Authorities need to know, too!
  • Take pictures–If you have bed bug bites, take pictures in case you need to prove it later and make sure your doctor puts the incident in your medical records.

At Alliance, we sincerely hope that you never encounter a bed bug, at home or anywhere else! But if you do, we are here to help! If you are in California and need assistance eradicating bed bugs, contact us. We use high temperatures, not pesticides, to kill bed bugs at all stages of development: egg, nymph and breeding adult, without any need to move out for days, deal with chemical residue or fear of recurrence.

You can have a Live Chat with a member of our team on our new website and get the process started right away!

And best wishes in your new home!

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