Buildings Red-Tagged After Earthquake

We hope everyone had a relaxed and safe Labor Day weekend. As well all go back to work and many back to school many business owners in Napa Valley are still rattled by the earthquake that hit the area a couple of days ago. There has been about 90 aftershocks ever since the earthquake hit. Even though about 95% of wineries have opened it will take day by day for business to pick up because more and more buildings are being red tagged each day. When a building gets red tagged it means it is unsafe for occupancy. Some of the buildings that were red tagged are historic buildings and buildings that have been in Napa for many years. Buildings get red tagged for numerous reasons:

  • Debris.
  • Parts of a building may collapse.
  • Buildings around other buildings may be close to other buildings that are not safe.
  • Water has settled inside mold can be found
  • Gas Leaks
  • Structural Damage

Those are examples that can lead a building to be red tagged after an earthquake. If buildings are old and lead paint exists it is dangerous because lead dust could have been present when the earthquake happen. When mold is present mold spores can be found in the air as well. It is a tough situation but it will take day by day. We will keep you updated and visit the City of Napa website for more information on this event and to see an interactive information map to see all yellow and red tagged structures in the area.

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