Hidden Mold in Your Environment

Finding mold in your home or commercial property can be the beginning of identifying if there is mold that is hiding in unseen places. There are certain ways to know if an area may have mold by the smell of a room, whether it is visible or if there was water damage. Other factors that help you know if there may be mold in your environment if there are family members that are demonstrating symptoms such as a runny nose, headache, or flu like symptoms. If someone is having these symptoms there might be mold and you may not know it or see it. Many factors can contribute for mold to grow, from moisture build up and water damage.

However, when renovating or getting rid of mold that already exists you may find mold in unseen areas of a home or building. You may suspect if mold is hidden behind walls, wallpaper, paneling and by carpet. Other areas where you may find mold is around pipes, behind or in furniture and inside ductwork. These are areas that when suspecting if there is mold in a home, one may forget to check these areas since mold is commonly found in bathrooms or in bedrooms. It is important to hire a professional when you might suspect that there is mold in other areas that are not visible, because disturbing areas that might have mold can release spores into the air and create an unhealthy environment.At Alliance Environmental, we are California’s Most Experienced and Trusted Remediation Company. Our environmental division specializes in mold removal and use of certain technology to remove mold. Visit our website and like our Facebook Community Page to learn more about our environmental division.

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