How Much Do You Know About Asbestos?

Every time I read about asbestos I learn something new, even though it was on of the first topics I wrote about on the Alliance blog: Asbestos 101.

As far as they Egyptians go, I’d rather be wrapped in asbestos after death than get it on my clothes while I’m alive! One way that people are exposed to asbestos is by living with a person who works with asbestos, especially if you do their laundry.

I most definitely would not want to drink or eat out of pottery made with asbestos–wonder if it gets into food!

It always surprises me that asbestos is still in use here in the US, when we have known how dangerous it is for so many years.

If you find asbestos in your home after a natural disaster or accident, during a renovation, or when you move in, removing it is NOT a DIY project. Call a professional asbestos removal company like Alliance Environmental Group to remove it safely–for them and for you. Remember–asbestos-related disease can take years or even decades to become symptomatic but it only takes one exposure to be at risk. Don’t take chances with asbestos!

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