Is Asbestos in Soil Dangerous?

This question is being asked in Islip, New York, where soil has tested positive for asbestos. Asbestos in soil could easily be transported via shoes or become airborne.

Allegedly illegally dumped soil has been found in various locations in Islip and some of it has been found to contain asbestos. Test of the air, however, have been negative.

Dr. Brook Mossman of the University of Vermont reassures us that “There are only certain fibers and certain sizes that you can breathe,” Mossman said. “Chunks in floor tiles are frequently bound to resins, and when they come out, they don’t come out in fibers.”

But of course, we know that asbestos-containing materials can release asbestos fibers and fiber fragments when they are removed during renovation projects, the type of projects that could lead to soil being discarded, legally or not. Any asbestos that has been disturbed is dangerous asbestos.

Soil contaminated with asbestos is often “capped”–covered with fabric and more clean soil–or removed to a landfill. Moving it is problematic since it once again disturbs the asbestos in the soil, allowing it to possibly enter the air and further contaminate the area.

If you come across asbestos during a renovation project, do not remove it yourself. Even one incident of exposure to asbestos can harm your health. Call a professional asbestos removal company like Alliance Environmental Group and ensure that it will be removed with no danger to you, your family or your neighborhood.

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