Managing Indoor Mold Growth During the Summer

Summer months is the time that many who have allergens suffer. The fact is mold allergies are also an issue not only for those who have allergies but to everyone. You can’t control mold spore count outdoors but there are several things you can do to manage indoor mold growth during the summer while being indoor at your house or at work. Excess moisture inside a building gives the opportunity for mold to grow. In order for mold to grow, mold needs humidity, moisture and other nutrients that are organic like wood to grow and spread. Indoor mold growth can present toxic black mold to grow as well. Toxic black mold can cause health issues and complicate allergy sufferers. In order to manage from mold to grow during summer months, follow some tips that are provided below:

  • Keep Areas Dry
  • Manage the temperature and humidity of your indoor environment
  • Keep your indoor environment clean
  • Consult a licensed mold removal and remediation contractor

Mold should not be growing indoors when you keep these quick tips above in mind. Address any water intrusion and any signs or symptoms that may entail that there is mold. Also keep in mind that mold growth can occur in air conditioning systems during the summer. Keep your indoor environment cool and we hope you don’t need any mold removal services, but if you do Alliance Enviro can help. If you have any questions regarding mold, Alliance Environmental Group Inc’s environmental division specializes in mold removal. Click here to learn more information on the service.

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