Tenants: Check Your New Place for Mold

Of course, it would be better if you could tell there was a mold problem in an apartment before you sign the lease, but it’s a good idea to take a good look at everything early on. Black mold can be a serious health hazard.

What should you look for?

Gray marks on the walls which indicate mold might take a little time to come through new paint.

Wet spots or water stains on ceilings, baseboards, walls

In vents–unscrew vent covers and inspect

Dripping pipes

Musty smell

Here’s a short video about a tenant who found out within 2 weeks that she had a mold issue in her new apartment and is now trying to get out of her lease:


Remember mold is everywhere and all it takes to grow is a bit of moisture. If there has been a leak or any kind of water damage to your new apartment that was not cleaned up and repaired promptly, mold will grow. Not might–will.

If you discover that your new apartment has mold, Alliance can help you (and your landlord) get it taken care of right away. Contact us anywhere in California for Mold Removal Services from our highly trained team!

I think we need to do an apartment inspection blog soon!

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