ThermaPureHeat for Mold

ThermaPureHeat for Mold

Mold is everywhere. You can’t escape it entirely. Especially in the rainy season in Southern California, where we are about to get the heaviest rain in three years, we get a lot of mold issues because when it is damp here, it is also warm. But everyone has had a little mildew in the bathroom or damp areas in the basement from time to time.

Consistent and regular housekeeping can keep mold at bay, thank goodness, but sometimes mold can get out of control:

–In an unoccupied structure, like a foreclosed home
–After a water leak, especially one that was not discovered right away
–After a flood or other natural disaster

A friend of mine recently found out that her neighbor’s pipes had been leaking into the space behind the drywall in her bedroom closet for months. Months! The evidence didn’t turn up until the ceiling fell in and ruined everything in the closet, but, of course, that wasn’t the worst of it. The walls were full of mold and they needed to move out of their condo for weeks while it was cleaned and restored—a huge problem! I’m sure Penny is glad that is finally over!

How does ThermaPureHeat work for mold?

To kill mold, ThermaPureHeat raises the temperature of the damaged area to at least 150° for at least 2 hours. The entire treatment takes longer than that, since the area needs to be prepared, plastic items removed and it takes some time for the entire space to reach that temperature. Alliance Environmental Group’s highly trained teams test temperatures throughout the area to make sure they reach the appropriate level for the type of mold that is present and ensure that it is all dead.

ThermaPureHeat kills mold where you can see it and where you can’t, which is very important. The mold you can see is like the tip of an iceberg—there is always more in cracks, crevices and under surfaces that is not easy to see on a visual inspection. The highly heated air of ThermaPureHeat reaches every inch of a structure, including behind the drywall, under the wallpaper and under the floorboards. You could never clean there with chemicals—the mold would remain to perhaps damage your health.

ThermaPureHeat also takes care of many of the ways mold gets into your home or other building, as well as the things that often travel with it:

–Eliminates bacteria that also often grows in damp areas along with the mold
–Kills any insects that may be carrying mold from place to place in a building
–Dries out the area where mold has grown
–Reduces any lingering odors from mold growth

Alliance Environmental Group is proud to offer ThermaPureHeat treatment all over California for Mold and other environmental challenges you might have in your home or commercial building. Our professional crews are available to quickly respond to any mold problem you have and eliminate it in one treatment of high temperature air. Contact us if you find yourself in need of mold treatment before it affects your health, the quality of your indoor air or the value of your property.

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