Unusual Uses of Asbestos in History

Asbestos has a long history and was once used for many unusual purposes. Sure pipe insulation, floor coverings, brake pads and insulation, but how about…

Decorative snow for under your tree or around your Christmas Village or new train set. Get down in there kids! Breathe deep!
And it’s fireproof! Yikes!

How about these dish towels? Would you dry your dishes with asbestos?

Super absorbent because the cotton is blended with asbestos! Will dry faster and polish your dishes better than ordinary towels! I always wanted to dry my dishes with ROCKS!

Construction projects used a lot of asbestos—what an amazing product! Shingles:

Pipe insulation—easy to apply!

and more!.

Asbestos was even used in the filters of cigarettes—just to make sure you inhaled your recommended daily dose, I guess!

Since I am a spinner and work with fiber every day, this kit was fasctinating and frightening to me:

I cannot imagine spinning asbestos on my spinning wheel today, but somebody did for that kit! I sure hope none of the fibers we use now will end up being found to be carcinogenic in the future!

It is a terrible shame that the dangers of asbestos took so long to discover, but today you can avoid exposure to asbestos and there are strict workplace rules for companies that still work with it. If asbestos turns up in your home, in stored holiday decorations, insulation, floor coverings or pipe insulation, it needs to be removed.

If you need asbestos abatement for your home or commercial building in California, contact Alliance Environmental Group for assistance. We can remove all asbestos-containing materials safely, quickly, and thoroughly. Our technicians are based in offices all over California. Give us a call or chat on our website!

And if you need decorative snow for your holiday display, use the plastic kind, not that old stuff from Grandma’s attic!

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