You Never Know Where Asbestos Will Turn Up!

Asbestos in Buildings

Asbestos has been used in a plethora of building materials. You can easily come across it during renovations or repairs or after any kind of natural or man-made disaster like a hurricane, tornado, typhoon or earthquake. And those are only getting more frequent and more dangerous.

Asbestos has been found in some other unexpected places this week:

In Oakdale, California, asbestos was found in the city’s water tank. Demolition of the concrete structure has had to be halted to deal with the asbestos safely.

During an asbestos removal project at a Rock Island, Illinois elementary school, 10,000 more square feet of asbestos was discovered. It will add days to the removal project, but is much better than finding it later!

Not unlike here in the US, in Australia people sometimes put old appliances and furniture out for trash collection, but some of those objects may contain asbestos and be a danger to collection workers and neighbors.

Even a kindergarten playground can be contaminated with asbestos. In Kyneton, UK, the top layer of soil and chipped surface material have been removed and replaced after asbestos was discovered.

It’s hard to know where you might run in to asbestos–sometimes it seems like it’s everywhere! But be sure to avoid it when you can!

And have a great weekend!

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