Contractors and Mold: Prevention

As the list of deaths attributable to toxic mold and the health problem reports grow, people are becoming more and more aware and concerned about the possibility of mold affecting their lives in a major way. After all, mold is everywhere and it can definitely be a significant allergen as well as a trigger for those with asthma.

Contractors have insurance to cover many things that can go wrong on construction and renovation sites, but this insurance usually does not cover “poor workmanship or construction defects,” according to the article’s author, Jennifer Grieco, both of which can lead to the development of mold. So contractors can’t count on their insurance to protect them from mold claims. What can they do?

Be Proactive

Remember, where there is moisture, there can be mold. Mold remediation later is always more expensive than keeping everything dry from the very start. If a moisture problem develops due to weather or other circumstances, a company like Alliance Environmental Group can provide Construction Drying services to nip that moisture in the bud and let you continue on with your project knowing that mold problems will not crop up later on.

What if mold becomes a problem on your project?

An understanding and compassionate response is your best choice. Most homeowners just want the problem fixed and gone, they don’t want a long and expensive lawsuit. Put aside discussions about fault, have an inspector come in and evaluate the issue and do it as quickly as possible. The longer it takes, the bigger the problem (literally) grows and once a homeowner has spent money of their own trying to fix it, they are more likely to feel put upon.

Luckily, high-temperature treatment like ThermaPureHeat, offered at Alliance Environmental Group, can help you deal quickly and safely with any moisture problem during a construction or renovation project, leaving both contractors and homeowners sure that mold will not reappear at a later date. Heat treatment also works for killing mold later. Contractors, subcontractors and homeowners are encouraged to contact us for Construction Drying projects anywhere in California!

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