The Importance of HVAC Cleaning at Your Multi-Family Community

The Importance of HVAC Cleaning at Your Multi-Family Community

If you own or manage a multi-family property, you must clean and maintain your cooling and heating systems to ensure they work correctly and offer the experience your tenants expect. It can be easy to forget about this simple task, but years of neglect can lead to serious problems for your building, HVAC system and tenants. Over time, these systems collect allergens and bacteria that can harm your resident’ health and damage your system, leading to costly repairs. Discover the importance of HVAC cleaning and how often to request a service from Alliance Environmental.

How Often Do You Need Duct Cleaning for Your Multifamily Community

Air ducts can quickly collect particles that can harm everyone in the building. These units can gather fabric lint, pet dander, bacteria, dust, grime, hair and other allergens. Too long without a cleaning service can cause discomfort for your residents and wreak havoc on your system. To keep your system in its best condition, schedule quarterly maintenance inspections and request professional cleaning services every three to five years. You need to perform preventative maintenance between services, such as wiping the grates to remove surface-level dust particles.

Why You Should Clean Your HVAC Unit Regularly

The importance of cleaning air ducts spans far beyond having clean equipment. These units move large amounts of air throughout the property, and the system reuses this air to create a continuous cycle of warm or cool air. When the air makes contact with dust, mold, bacteria, hair and other particles, you and your tenants may inhale these allergens as the air flows through the building. Additionally, the more buildup you have in your system, the harder your system will need to work to provide the same results, leading to higher energy costs. Learn why having a clean HVAC unit is so important.

1. Create Consistent Airflow

You may experience inconsistent airflow for several reasons. Your HVAC system gathers buildup over time, and these particles can make it challenging for air to flow through. If you’re facing this problem when cooling, you may have an issue with the evaporator coils.

Filters help the coils remain free, but they still face clogs sometimes. In an apartment complex, loose pet fur and human hair can quickly collect in your ducts, and the filters trap these particles against the coils. As the coils sweat when delivering cool air, the loose fur and hair become a matted, soggy mass that prevents air from flowing freely. Requesting quarterly coil cleaning can ensure your system remains clear so your tenants can enjoy the cool air during the summer months whenever they need it.

2. Save on Energy Costs

People generally waste 10% to 20% of home energy costs due to air leaks and poorly maintained heating and cooling systems. This is because contaminants make it much harder for your system to maintain the thermostat temperature. Additionally, leaving your HVAC with low-quality, broken or damaged parts shortens the system’s overall life span, leading you to spend more money on replacing the system more frequently.

A clean system can save energy by running more efficiently to reach the proper temperature. Regular servicing your system can help save your business money each month and, in the long run, provide you with the most use possible from your system.

3. Improve Indoor Air Quality

As mentioned above, your heating and cooling system reuses the air it pushes through the building. Any contaminants within the ducts will propel through your spaces, decreasing the air quality and impacting your residents’ lives. For instance, a tenant with an animal allergy may accidentally inhale the loose fur from a pet in a neighboring unit, which can create a significant issue for everyone around them. Servicing your HVAC unit is the best way to ensure your property is free of any contaminants from the air before your residents can inhale them.

According to a study conducted by the EPA, indoor air in multifamily units can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air.

4. Keep Your Tenants Healthy and Happy

The contaminants in the air may affect some tenants more than others, but eventually, they could impact everyone in the building. For instance, mold growing in your ducts can quickly spread through the building and hide behind hard-to-reach places. The longer you or your residents live around these conditions, the more likely you will have adverse health effects. If you ever notice or suspect you may have a mold problem, request a remediation service immediately.

The increased air quality of a clean system allows your residents to breathe more easily and can reduce symptoms of some respiratory problems and chronic allergies. This small change can empower your tenants to live happier and healthier lives in your multifamily community.

5. Make Your System Last Longer

Although your residents are a top priority, cleaning your HVAC unit also benefits your business. Proper maintenance keeps your equipment in excellent condition, allowing you to spend less on repairs and replacements over time. Some central components can quickly impact your HVAC’s function, highlighting the importance of complete services.

For example, the AC drain pan collects water that accumulates as air flows through the system. These pans prevent moisture from entering your building and affecting essential components and materials. Condensation can quickly build in these spaces, impacting your system’s ability to conduct electricity. Cleaning this component can prevent clogs throughout the system and ensure you can get the most use out of your system.

6. Prevent Internal Damage to Your Building or Systems

It’s common for people to neglect preventative maintenance and routine services until there is an issue. Often, these long wait times lead to costly damage that you could have avoided. Critical components can cause complete system failures, resulting in lost time and money to replace a new system. Additionally, air conditioners and furnaces can cause fires when they’re in poor condition. System neglect, overworked heat pumps, loose wires and similar issues can quickly spark a flame that could lead to disaster, impacting many or all units.

Routine services can detect minor problems before they become significant. A professional can easily replace a single damaged or worn component, a cost-effective solution compared to replacing an entire system. This way, you can keep your residents safe while saving money over the long term.

Request HVAC Cleaning in Multi-Family Community Buildings

At Alliance Environmental, we understand the importance of indoor air quality and a well-maintained HVAC system. As a leader in the environmental and indoor air quality industry, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your HVAC system is in top shape for your residents.

We proudly serve a wide array of industries, including multi-family housing. We have over 100 years of combined experience, so you can expect the best service and level of professionalism from our certified and trained team members. Request a quote from Alliance Environmental to discover how we can impact your bottom line.

Request HVAC Cleaning in Multi-Family Community Buildings
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