How Much Does Professional Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Professional Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

Have you ever hired someone to clean out your air ducts? Both residential and commercial properties can benefit from a thorough cleaning and inspection of the air ducts connected to their HVAC systems. 

Over time, these ducts collect dust, hair and other debris. Clogged ducts can negatively impact your building’s air quality and slow down your HVAC system. Hiring a professional technician is the best way to access and clean this part of your home or commercial building. 

The Necessity of HVAC and Air Duct Cleaning

The point of an HVAC system is temperature regulation and access to clean air. Your ventilation system cycles clean air into the space so it stays healthy and mold-free. When the air ducts in your system become overloaded with dust and debris, your ventilation system can’t do its job. In some worst-case scenarios, there may be mold or other contaminants in your ducts.

Cleaning out your duct system can improve air quality and increase the efficiency of your HVAC system. It can also improve the health of residents or staff who breathe that indoor air throughout the day. For commercial buildings, improved air quality can boost productivity and employee morale.

You might wonder how necessary air duct cleaning is for your home or commercial property. That depends on several factors, including: 

  • Age of the building
  • Recent renovations
  • Environmental factors

Lifestyle choices can also impact the state of your air ducts — for example, owning pets or smoking inside means the ducts will get dirty much faster. If you’re noticing an “old house” smell, it could be due to dirty air ducts.

Cost Considerations for Air Duct Cleaning

Cost Considerations for Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaning the air ducts in a commercial building is an investment in the long-term upkeep of the property. At the same time, prioritizing air duct cleaning as part of your home maintenance plan can help keep you and your family safe. As a result, you’ll want to budget for professional air duct cleaning services on an as-needed basis.

There are a few different air duct cleaning cost factors to consider:

  • Square footage
  • Number of vents
  • Type of ducts
  • Accessibility
  • Local labor cost

Most air duct cleaning companies charge hourly rates, but you may pay additional costs depending on how in-depth the cleaning process needs to be. Other professionals may charge by the square footage of your home or space. If you require specialized services in a significantly large space, you’ll likely pay more than someone would for a simple system in a small home.

Some additional service costs to consider include: 

  • Pest removal
  • Asbestos cleanup
  • Mold treatment

You can reach out to local services to learn more about your options and what factors may influence the total cost of cleaning your building’s air ducts.

How to Choose the Right Air Duct Cleaning Service Provider

Not every company that advertises air duct cleaning is qualified to do a proper job. There are safety hazards of working with an HVAC system — professionals must be trained to do asbestos checks, handle fiberglass insulation and protect your home during the cleaning process. There are several things you should look for when choosing a trustworthy air duct cleaning company:

  • Check their qualifications: Do they have the required state license? Do they follow the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) industry standards?
  • Ask about experience: Talk to them about their past experiences. How many homes or commercial properties have they cleaned? Do they have experience cleaning air ducts in spaces similar to yours?
  • Evaluate customer feedback: Read reviews and learn about the company’s reputation. Has anyone you know worked with them before? If so, ask them for their honest opinions and whether they’d recommend the company.
  • Watch for transparency: The company should give you comprehensive and transparent quotes, with paperwork, upfront. 

Do your research before hiring, and you’ll have confidence during the process, allowing you to choose the best provider for your specific needs.

Alliance Environmental’s Expertise in Air Quality Solutions 

If you’re looking for a trusted partner to improve your building’s air quality, consider Alliance Environmental Group. We offer commercial and residential solutions for environmental remediation and indoor air quality. Our technicians are qualified to handle contaminated items and tough jobs.

We’ve been in business for over 26 years and completed over 200,000 projects. The industries we serve include healthcare, retail and education, among others, and we provide home indoor air quality services, too. At Alliance Environmental, our goal is to exceed your expectations and deliver services that are timely, affordable and environmentally conscious.

Addressing Common Questions About Air Duct Cleaning Costs 

Still have questions about air duct cleaning? Here are some common FAQs and answers to help you make the best decision for your home or commercial building.

Can You Clean Your Own Air Ducts? 

Technically, yes. If you’re considering DIY vs. professional air duct cleaning, you may be inclined to attempt doing this job yourself to save money. However, this approach is not recommended for a number of reasons.

Air ducts are difficult to access without the proper equipment, subjecting you to potential safety issues. You may also unknowingly spread toxins throughout your home while cleaning, especially if you have a mold problem. It’s best to trust this job to the professionals — especially because doing so could save you money on maintenance in the long term.

How Much Is Air Duct Cleaning? 

The average cost to clean a home’s air ducts professionally is a few hundred dollars. However, the exact cost depends on many factors, including the cost of labor in your location and the size of your home. Commercial buildings can cost more since they’re larger and take longer to clean. In some cases, you may pay less than you thought — a professional quote can let you know for certain.

How Often Should You Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

The Environmental Protection Agency suggests that you clean your air ducts only as needed. However, it’s generally best to clean your air ducts every three to five years. If you see dust come out of your air vents, observe mold around the vent openings or think your home has a strange smell, it might be time to schedule an appointment.

Get an Expert Consultation From Alliance Environmental 

Is it time to clean your building’s air duct system? Cleaning out your air ducts will have long-term benefits for your HVAC system, your building and the people who spend time there. Reach out to us at Alliance Environmental Group for an estimate on industrial HVAC cleaning services or residential air duct cleaning today.

You can contact us online or over the phone for more information on our pricing and services. At Alliance Environmental, we serve clients across California, Arizona, Nevada and Washington. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you breathe better indoor air.

Get an Expert Consultation From Alliance Environmental
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