The Importance of Properly Managed HVAC Systems in Grow Houses

Airtek Indoor Air Solutions collaborates with HVAC Authority President, Grant Baecker to Discuss:

The Importance of Properly Managed HVAC Systems in Grow Houses

HVAC systems are necessary to ensure the health of the building, its occupants and plants. The main purposes of a Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system are to, help maintain proper indoor air quality through adequate ventilation with filtration, and provide thermal comfort. That includes residential, industrial and commercial properties.

The choice and design of an HVAC system can also affect many other high performance goals, including water consumption (water-cooled air conditioning equipment) and acoustics. In relation to Grow Houses, the proper maintenance of an HVAC system is vital to the proper growth and potency of the flower.

In an interview with HVAC Authority President, Grant Baecker, we discussed why growers should be concerned about the proper management of their HVAC systems:

Q: How can improperly managed HVAC systems cause problems for a grower?

A: If improper temperatures are introduced to the grow environment, this can be damaging to the health of the plant.

Q: What is the correlation between HVAC systems and mold growth in grow houses?

A: There is a high correlation between the HVAC system and mold growth in grow houses as the HVAC system normally controls filtration and temperature of the air inside of the space.

Q: How can a grower prevent mold growth in their facility?

A: Mold growth can be prevented in a facility by a few different ways through their HVAC system. The economizer setting on the unit controls the amount of fresh air introduced into the space. Also, the supply air needs to be properly filtered and the space temperature needs to be controlled to prevent excessive humidity.

Q: What are ways growers can make sure their HVAC system is working properly or not?

A: Growers can make sure their HVAC systems are working properly by putting in place a regularly scheduled maintenance program with an HVAC contractor.

Q: How can improper ventilation impact grow houses?

A: Improper ventilation in a grow house can impact their crops in a few different ways. If the fresh air intake is not properly adjusted and/or controlled, this can pull in mold spores or insects from outside and introduce them to the grow space. Also, by not properly controlling the amount of outside air pulled into the space, the humidity levels in the room are affected.

Q: What other suggestions and/or recommendations would you give to a grower regarding the importance of their HVAC system?

A: One important recommendation I would give to a grower regarding the importance of their HVAC system would be to make sure that the type of equipment that they have is capable of maintaining the proper levels of temperature and humidity that is required to yield a fruitful harvest.

AirtekAuthority HVAC, and MSE Environmental are industry leaders, focused on helping grow houses conform to the highest professional standards, set forth by the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association). The NADCA has strict standards relating to equipment, cleaning procedures and ethical behavior.

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