The Benefits of Outsourcing Commercial Fire Damper Testing

Fire dampers are critical to a building’s fire protection system, designed to prevent fire and smoke from spreading through a facility’s ductwork. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 80 requires damper inspections every six years for health care facilities and every four years for non-healthcare facilities. These inspections require special training and certification and can be time-consuming. 

By choosing a reputable company to test your fire dampers, you free up time to focus on other aspects of managing your facility. You also get peace of mind, as experts will assess your fire damper systems and ensure they are in working condition to protect your building and occupants from fire hazards.

6 Advantages of Professional Fire Damper Testing

Here are some of the top advantages of outsourcing fire damper testing: 

1. Expertise and Compliance 

Professional fire damper services are conducted by specialists with proper training and experience. Experts are committed to high-quality services, from inspections and repairs to replacements, to safeguard your facility from fire hazards. They also use the best reporting systems to guarantee functionality and code adherence to ensure your fire dampers meet compliance.

Services will meet or exceed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines. Professionals also leverage cutting-edge tools and reporting so you have the proper solutions to effectively manage your facility and protect assets and occupants from fire hazards.

By outsourcing, you can also rest assured that your fire dampers meet compliance to help you minimize liability risks. Most insurance companies require proof of fire damper testing when assessing claims. Meeting compliance standards can help you in the event of an emergency, helping you avoid penalties, fines and civil liability.

2. Time and Cost Savings

Fire compliance takes time and money, but you can save resources by outsourcing fire damper testing to professionals. Certain fire safety standards can also be complex to follow, and partnering with experts helps avoid costly mistakes and oversights in the testing process. You eliminate added time in the following areas by entrusting professionals:

  • Studying the relevant legislation
  • Identifying weak areas within your building’s fire compliance
  • Becoming compliant

Experts will streamline testing procedures for faster results, allowing you time to spend on other aspects of facility management. You can rest assured that technicians will bring the knowledge, experience and training needed to stay compliant while you focus on other areas of your business. This means eliminating the stressors of meeting compliance and avoiding downtime when reacting to legislative changes. 

Fines for noncompliance with OSHA regulations start around $15,625 for minor violations and up to $156,259 for repeated violations. Indirect costs can also add up, making it important to avoid mistakes and partner with professionals for proper testing. With optimal fire protection systems in place, you also reduce property damage in the event of a fire, minimizing the financial impact of fire on your building. 

3. Comprehensive Reporting 

Comprehensive reporting is critical in fire damper testing — outsourcing this process ensures the procedure is done correctly. NFPA codes require all testing to be documented thoroughly, noting information like damper location, inspection date, inspector name, discovered problems and corrections made. 

It’s important to maintain these reports for at least three test cycles. While reporting can be time-consuming and complex, experts will streamline this procedure, providing documentation for each part of the process. A reputable company will keep reports for all fire dampers in a building, allowing managers to quickly see how many dampers they have and where they are located. You’ll have a comprehensive report that notes significant information about each device in your facility. 

4. Quality Assurance and Accuracy 

When you outsource fire damper testing, you ensure accurate and reliable testing results by trained professionals. Technicians have the experience and knowledge necessary to minimize errors and inaccuracies. They also uphold high standards of quality assurance for your fire safety systems. This can provide peace of mind, knowing that your building and occupants are protected from dangerous and destructive fire damage.

All technicians must inspect dampers in accordance with the NFPA 80 testing schedule. The standard regulates the installation and maintenance of fire dampers and test requirements. Outsourcing helps improve your building’s fire safety. Working with experienced technicians means your building has the most up-to-date fire protection systems in place to keep occupants safe in an emergency. 

5. Maintenance and Long-Term Benefits

As part of routine testing, experts will assess fire dampers for any issues, helping you prevent costly repairs or replacements later on. Technicians will make prompt corrections if needed and document any problem areas addressed during a fire damper test. The process can help you extend the life span of fire damper systems throughout your facility.

Experts can also determine a proactive maintenance plan for enhanced fire safety in your building. They can provide fire life safety services as needed, including fire door testing, fire suppression and HVAC system services. These comprehensive services can promote better fire protection in your facility, protecting occupants in an emergency. 

6. Rigorous Fire Damper Testing Processes and Requirements 

During fire damper testing, experts follow stringent requirements to ensure your systems function properly and safeguard your building from fire hazards. At Alliance Environmental Group, we follow requirements set by NFPA codes when documenting and testing fire dampers. The process includes:

  • Reviewing documentation and certificates for a thorough understanding of the building and its systems.
  • Inspecting and testing the fire dampers for any issues.
  • Removing the fusible link to inspect for damages.
  • Replacing the fusible link if needed.
  • Documenting the inspection and test.

Operational testing ensures your fire damper closes completely, is easy to access and operates without obstruction. Periodic testing includes ongoing evaluations one year after installation or four or six years, depending on the facility type. At this time, our technicians will confirm your damper works as intended and achieves a complete seal before returning it to their fully open position. 

Partner With Alliance Environmental Group for Commercial Fire Damper Testing

Dampers play a vital role in a building’s fire safety system. While fire damper inspections and testing present challenges regardless of the industry, outsourcing these services can provide advantages in safety compliance, cost and time. To achieve fire damper compliance and safeguard your building from fire damage, partner with Alliance Environmental Group. 

Our experts are highly trained and experienced in fire damper testing and other fire life safety services. With over 25 years of experience, over 200,000 jobs completed and the most innovative equipment, you can have peace of mind that your fire safety systems are in good hands when you partner with us. Contact us today to get a quote or learn more about our services.

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