Signs You May Need Air Duct Cleaning Services

Whether taking care of your own home or a commercial property, routine maintenance is a part of home and property ownership.

Your to-do list likely includes items such as:

  • lawn care
  • snow plowing
  • insect control
  • painting
  • window washing
  • carpet cleaning
  • and more

But does your list also include inspecting and cleaning the ductwork and other components of your HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) system?

If it doesn’t, well, it really should, especially considering that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that clean, contaminant-free heat exchangers, cooling coils and fans allow a heating and cooling system to operate more efficiently, use less energy, and have longer life with regard to its mechanical components.

Many HVAC professionals would add that air duct cleaning services contribute to a healthy indoor air environment.

What Contaminates a Heating and Cooling System?

Typically, many kinds of particulate matter circulate through a home or commercial property. At Alliance our technicians cite

  • dust
  • dirt from the outdoors
  • pet dander
  • hair
  • vermin
  • toxic mold
  • remodeling dust
  • household chemicals

as the substances which move through the air in an indoor space daily.

These substances are thought to cause or worsen coughing, sneezing and wheezing due to allergies, autoimmune issues and respiratory problems such as asthma and COPD. Beyond that, the contaminants simply clog up a HVAC system.

How to Assess the Signs of HVAC Contamination.

To check for a substantial build up of dust, dirt, dander and so on, remove a register cover, and visually inspect the ductwork with a good flashlight and mirror. Or, simply put a small digital camera or smartphone through the opening, and take one or two photos. Thick build up will be obvious.

Also, visually inspect the outside of the ductwork for breaks in seams and mold contamination resulting from wet insulation around or near the ductwork. Look at all air filters, too, to see if they are clogged with dirt and dust. All these are possible signs of needing professional air duct cleaning services.

Call a Professional Ductwork Specialist

A professionally-certified air duct cleaning technician is a great resource for any homeowner or business owner who wishes to have a cost-sparing, efficient and accurate inspection and cleaning of an HVAC system.

At Alliance, we employ the exacting standards of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) to each residential or commercial job they do. Service includes a complete inspection and removal of contaminants from airducts, fans, coils, motors, drip pans and other parts of the indoor system.

We also make sure ducts are totally sealed with no air leaks, and if repairs are necessary, the work is done correctly the first time and to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

Ductwork cleaning is accomplished with negative pressure collectors through covered vents and/or through holes cut in the ducts. Agitation tools and air brushes loosen dust and debris from blowers, motors, grilles, heating and cooling coils and of course, from the ducts themselves, leaving the entire system 100 percent clean.

A typical residential system cleaning will take two technicians approximately three to five hours to complete. Feel free to call 877-858-6220 to initiate a free consultation on air duct cleaning services for your home or office.

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