Signs You May Need Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Signs You May Need Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Clean air is essential for every industry, but some, like healthcare, require additional attention to prevent illnesses from spreading or impacting already compromised immune systems. It can be easy to forget about your air ducts, but these spaces can quickly gather dust, mold spores, allergens and other airborne particles that impede your day-to-day functions. Routine maintenance, such as duct cleaning, can go a long way to ensure your system’s integrity and everyone’s comfort. Check out these signs that it’s time to clean your air ducts.

How Often to Clean Air Ducts

When you think about poor air quality, you may picture a factory smokestack belching black clouds of smoke into the sky, but EPA studies found toxic pollutant levels to be two to five times higher indoors than outdoors. You can prevent costly repairs and ensure your guests’, workers’ and patients’ comfort by properly maintaining your heating and cooling systems. Some industries, such as health care and food manufacturing, need more frequent cleaning. Typically, you can expect to service your system every three to five years. Still, some businesses may need annual, semi-annual or quarterly maintenance to ensure maximum building safety.

Do You Need to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Poor air quality significantly impacts your routines and productivity. Regardless of your industry, professional air duct cleaners can improve customer and guest satisfaction and ensure your workers can adequately perform their tasks. Cleanliness is especially vital for health care facilities, as poor air quality can cause adverse health effects that impede patient care and progress. Keep reading for the most common signs you may need your air ducts cleaned. 

1. Your Air Filters Are Clogged

If you find yourself replacing your filters more frequently than usual, you may have a severe issue. While you typically need to change your filters every one to three months, you shouldn’t experience clogs after only a few weeks of swapping them out. If this happens, inspect your ducts and remove any dust or debris that blocks your airflow. 

2. There’s an Unpleasant Odor Coming From the Ducts

Odors almost always indicate a problem. If you’ve started noticing unpleasant smells and can’t locate the source, consider scheduling an inspection and cleaning. Debris in your ducts can create musty odors because the system burns dust and grime. However, the unwelcome smells could also be due to vermin or mold, and you should hire a professional to tackle this problem as soon as possible.

3. You Notice Unstable Air Flow

Inconsistent airflow is a red flag that you need to have your system serviced. Each room in the building should receive consistent quality airflow. If you notice cold or hot spots throughout your facility, call a technician to ensure your vents work correctly. Doing so can ensure system integrity while providing each worker and guest the air quality and flow they deserve at your business. 

4. Heating or Cooling Costs Are Higher Than Normal

It’s natural for cooling and heating costs to fluctuate each month in response to temperature and weather changes. However, significant and sudden increases in your utility bill may indicate your system is working harder than usual to produce the same results you typically see. If there’s a blockage in your ductwork, your cooling and heating system will need more energy to maintain the thermostat temperature, leading to unnecessary spending. Before booking a commercial air duct cleaning service, check with your provider to ensure their rates haven’t increased. 

You Hear Unusual Noises

5. You Hear Unusual Noises 

If you’ve used the same system for years, you probably recognize the difference between typical operating noises and strange happenings. Typically, your unit should run quietly, so anything other than motor operation likely indicates you need professional attention. Rattles, bangs and pops commonly indicate blockages and similar problems. If you’re not sure where the issue lies, call for service

6. Insects or Rodents Are Infesting Your Ducts

Your vents offer a warm, comfortable home for insects and rodents. However, their presence can be harmful to humans. They may begin shedding exoskeletons or fur and leaving droppings in your air ducts. These can create unpleasant smells and impact your overall air quality. You can determine whether you have this issue by seeing, smelling or hearing critters in your ductwork. You’ll need to hire an experienced professional to carefully remove these animals and anything they may have left behind.

7. Mildew or Mold Is Growing

Mold can be dangerous for people to inhale, consume or touch. It can worsen respiratory conditions and allergies. It can also cause severe structural damage to your business. Condensation can quickly build in your ducts, resulting in mold growth near your air vents. Additionally, mold can spread from your air vents to other parts of your building. As the air blows through the space, it will carry spores all over. If you notice mold in or on your system, schedule a remediation service immediately

8. You Notice a Lot of Debris and Dust

It’s wise to check your vent covers about once a month. A considerable accumulation of dust and debris signifies you have a blockage or contaminants in your system, requiring you to clean the duct interior. Though minor dust spots aren’t typically a cause for concern, you should always wipe them down to remove any debris you can. 

9. Allergy Symptoms Are Worsening

As mentioned above, poor air quality can impact your daily life by worsening allergy symptoms and other respiratory issues. You can expect to battle more allergies if your ducts carry unclean particles when you turn the air on. It’s crucial to find a professional to tackle these issues immediately and prevent you from inhaling mold, dust and other harmful particles for hours every day.

10. It’s Been a While Since You’ve Cleaned Them

You may not notice any immediate issues with your system, but time will tell you when you need to clean your ducts. Proactive maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure you don’t run into problems in the future. You’ll want to service your HVAC every three to five years, and you should add preventive maintenance, like wiping the grills, into your schedule.

Request Air Duct Cleaning Services From Alliance Environmental

Request Air Duct Cleaning Services From Alliance Environmental

At Alliance Environmental, we’re a leader in environmental and indoor air quality. We have over 100 years of combined experience and more than two decades of exceptional service under our belts. 

With us, you can find a knowledgeable and efficient team ready to serve various industries, including hospitality, education, health care and more. Regardless of your project’s complexity or size, we can get the job done right. 

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