Three violations were cited in the news story:

Rockland, Maine—A rental property owner was fined $10,000 for allowing workers to use power equipment to remove exterior paint from a 19th century building improperly. It was also found that the workers had not received any training for working with lead-based paint nor had the owner applied for the necessary certification which ensures the work will be done following proper procedures to keep lead dust from contaminating the area. Lead dust was found to have contaminated the units themselves and potentially the surrounding area as well.


Edison, New Jersey—A window and siding company was fined $1500 for not following the LRRP rules by failing to contain lead dust and waste as well as not training their workers in safe practices.


Omaha, Nebraska—A home repair company agreed to pay $5,558 for failing to inform owners and occupants of a building about lead hazards or get written acknowledgement that notice of the work had been received by the tenants before starting the project. They also neglected to get the required certification.

It’s great to see the EPA taking these violations seriously. Lead poisoning is a serious health threat which can lead to disability and even death. Read more about the risks of lead poisoning HERE.

If the home you own or live in was built before 1978, it may contain lead-based paint which can contaminate your environment in the form of lead dust when you open windows or doors or during any renovation project. Have your home tested before beginning any project and be sure to use trained and certified contractors to perform work where lead-based paint is present.

Alliance Environmental Group has trained and professional teams ready to take care of any lead-paint removal projects safely, following all rules and regulations, eliminating the danger of contamination for you, your family, your tenants and your community. Contact Alliance for help with any lead paint issues!

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