What’s your favorite Indian dish? Mine is Chicken Korma, especially with lots of mango chutney. But whether you are partial to curry or enjoy some spicy tandoori, you will want to read on.

Research scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health and Children’s Hospital Boston did a study on Indian spices and powders used in religious and cultural ceremonies to check for lead after some Boston area kids of Indian descent were determined to have lead poisoning.

The amounts of lead found in 25% of the spices and 65% of the ceremonial powders exceeded 1 microgram per gram of the substance studied, which is a lower level than the acceptable threshold of 2-3 micrograms, but repeated and regular exposure to these amounts can still be dangerous to health and development. Three products had lead levels higher than acceptable, Sindav and Sindaloo (sea salt) powders.

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We hope that if you are a parent of a child who eats Indian food on a regular basis that you are keeping a close eye on your child’s blood lead levels so that you can catch any problems which might occur at an early stage. I know our pediatrician is very careful to test for lead at regular intervals and we are, too, since we live in an older home. We will keep you updated on any other unexpected places you can find lead in your daily life!

If your family, like mine, lives in a home built before 1978, you could have lead paint in your evironment. It’s not just paint chips and toddlers you have to be concerned about. Lead dust can be released when you open doors or windows and affect older children and adults without eating anything. If you need help eliminating lead paint from your home, please contact Alliance Environmental Group. Our trained technicians can remove and dispose of all traces of lead without contaminating your home further and following all regulations and industry best practices.

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