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Last week we learned that the EPA is losing far more money than it is taking in trying to enforce the LRRP Rule.


One reason is the economy. When the Rule was put in place in 2008, there was a lot of construction and renovation going on, but in the Great Recession most of that work stopped abruptly. People were hunkering down and many became upside-down in their mortgages, leaving no equity to use for renovation projects.

The other reason is Certifications. The EPA was expecting to certify almost 300,000 companies and the total is closer to 100,000.

What will they do?

It looks like the EPA will be adjusting the fee schedules to make sure they are covering their costs. Yes, that means that fees–and fines–will go up.

Protecting our children from the catastrophic effects of lead poisoning is important. The Envrionmental Protection Agency is the US government’s enforcement arm to enable that protection to be in place. Even though it will cost more, enforcement is a worthy endeavor.

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