Another fatality has been linked to toxic mold, this time in Florida.

80 year old Robert Thompson, Mayor of Callaway, Florida, died last weekend after being exposed to toxic mold. Mayor Thompson was called to investigate a ditch the previous week and found mold and mildew present. A week later, the man was dead and his doctors said “they’d never seen such a bad case of mold.”

Mayor Thompson’s wife Reeda told a graphic story about her husband’s nose turning red, his ears turning black and the deterioration of his cognitive abilities before his death. He presented with flu-like symptoms but quickly progressed to what was clearly an infection from black mold.

Black mold is nothing to be complacent about. I’m sure you join me in offering your condolences to Mrs. Thompson and their family. I wish he had gone down into that ditch with some protection from what he might find there!

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