When a woman returning from a trip to Uganda was overheard talking about “bites” and “pustules” on a flight in Detroit, an eavesdropper thought that she meant that she had Monkeypox! Can you imagine? The flight was held up and quarantined for hours!

One, eavesdropping is not nice. Two, really? People are way too easily freaked out.

Monkeypox is a virus which most frequently is found in Central and West Africa. It does not involve bugs. It is usually spread to humans via pets, rodents or contact with primates and usually by a bite or contact with blood. It is communicable from human to human, but although related to smallpox, is much less infectious than that deadly disease. There was an outbreak of Monkeypox in the US in 2003 which started with some pet prairie dogs. No one died in that outbreak.

Bed bugs, however, are ubiquitous. Found in every country of the world and difficult to eradicate, it is not surprising to hear that someone was talking about finding and being bitten by bed bugs in their hotel room in Africa or indeed anywhere. Here is our blog about inspecting your hotel room for bed bug infestations.

I hope this poor woman unpacked her suitcase outside and laundered everything she brought with her before putting it away!

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