There are actually bed bug removal mistakes people try that make the problem worse. Depend on bed bug removal companies for trusted advice, effective elimination processes, and reassurance that promises the rest people deserve.

When our parents used to tuck us in saying, “don’t let the bed bugs bite,” they weren’t kidding. Is there anything that can make our skin crawl and incite night terrors like the thought of bed bugs? We think not. Thankfully, bed bug removal companies are coming to our rescue, stepping up as the superheroes of our nights. While they can take care of the problem and eliminate these invasive intruders, there are a few key mistakes people make time and again that can be avoided to preserve the health of our sleeping environments.

One: bedbugs are on the move

When we suspect bed bugs have infested and invaded our beds, it’s really easy to think, “well, I’ll move to the couch until I have time to handle this situation.” Changing location is simply not a solution. Bed bugs move fast. In fact, some professionals say they travel 30 feet in under 10 minutes. Furthermore, because bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale, they’re coming for us no matter where we sleep. Moving locations is only going to spread the bed bug infestation, making it tougher for bed bug removal companies to clean up the mess when they finally do come in to save us.

Two: mattress covers are our shield

When bed bugs strike, they typically infest our mattresses and box springs. Keeping in mind that we may need to wait a few days for pest control to rescue us – unless we have the ultimate bed bug removal service provider with 24/7 protection – covering both our mattresses and box springs can be a powerful defense. While it doesn’t eliminate the bed bug infestation, it does prevent the bed bugs from emerging and attacking us. It also blocks them from getting into these sleeping components that we’ve invested into bigtime to support our restful times. By reducing exposure to bed bugs and sealing the mattress and box spring, mattress covers are a cost-effective option that helps us deal with the devastation of bed bug infestations. They’re actually one of the top defenses bed bug removal companies promote to improve our safety.

Three: depend on the professionals

Dealing with bed bugs properly should begin with a thorough inspection prior to the expert service provider outlining their treatment options and providing a cost estimation. Should their services not include such honest transparency, buyers should beware; this is a red flag. Professional and effective treatment doesn’t come cheap. Smart investment can run the average client one to three dollars per square foot. However, it’s the best way to guarantee peace of mind around bed bug eradication and to allow us to get the rest we deserve these days. Buyer beware: DIY treatments can actually spread bed bug infestations or inundate your space with harmful chemicals. Even worse, should the issue spread to neighbors, how embarrassing would that be? There are trusted extermination services out there that eliminate bed bugs, as well as guarantee their services, even up to 60 days after their initial treatment and service. Don’t let the bed bugs bite into another minute of your beauty rest. When people have questions or need advice, the best bed bug removal companies are happy to hear from them, answer any questions, and ultimately, come in and clean up the mess.

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