As a kid I remember my mom putting me to bed and saying “sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite” at that time it was just a figure of speech, you really didn’t put much thought into it because bed bugs were almost non existent here in the US. Bed Bugs were nearly eradicated by the chemical DDT that was used in the 40’s and 50’s that later became a mass produced pesticide. DDT was banned from the US in the 70’s due to environmental concerns. In the last few years bed bug infestation has increased by 500%. Experts cannot put a certain reason on this drastic increase. It could be from the rise of international travelers, or the use of less toxic pesticides. Many hotels and hostels have become quite familiar with the bed bug phenomenon.

With our technology called ThermaPure Heat we have the capability of heating an entire structure at a temperature so high that it will kill pest, bacteria, odors, and mold.

Here at Alliance we recently completed a bed bug job that was conducted at a local hostel in Los Angeles. Because of the high rate of international travelers that this particular hostel sees on a regular basis, there is almost no way of preventing the occurrence of bed bugs. Bed bugs were found in the mattresses, in the sofas, and the carpet. We heated the structure to 140 degrees using our ThermaPure Heat technology and were able to kill off the bed bugs as well as their larvae. ThermaPure Heat gives us the capability of killing bed bugs without using harmful chemicals that may harm the environment. It is one of the safest pest control methods used today.