September is Mold Awareness Month. We have been blogging about indoor air quality in schools and have been giving tips at our sister company’s blog, AirTek. Today we will share a few tips on being aware of children who may have asthma because mold can trigger asthma episodes in sensitive individuals. Mold has started to appear frequently in schools and we have heard of several schools get contaminated with mold and either they’re delayed or classes are transferred to other classrooms.

Lily Eskelen of the National Education Association states, “If you get an unhealthy building, you’re not going to have a successful school. Asthma is the number one chronic condition that keeps kids out of school, and it’s growing.” Ms. Eskelen has a valid point. If mold is present inside schools and children are sensitive to the mold, their asthma can trigger and make the children sick. It is important for school’s to take that precaution of being aware of the health effects that mold have towards not only the children at school but teachers and staff.

According to, one tip that can help you is to talk to your child’s school nurse and create a plan to reduce asthma triggers in the classroom. Another tip is to ask your child’s teacher if other children have similar symptoms that one can get when exposed to mold.Some of those symptoms are sneezing, nasal congestion, itching and scaling skin. If there is any water leakage, any water damage, or poor ventilation let the school community know because mold can grown in damp or moist areas. The most important tip is to educate yourself on how to be aware of mold and how to let other parents and teachers on the dangers that mold can bring to an individual. At Alliance Environmental Group, Inc our one of our environmental divisions is mold removal. Our company will develop a remediation plan method, scope, time and controls to be used based on the fungus type and location. Visit our website to learn more of our services and we can assist you or the school of your child by removing the mold and making it a healthier environment.

*Below is an infographic provided by Rabbit Air on 7 common allergens and Mold Spores is one of them.