Have any of you ever entered a public place and seen mold? Hope no one has. In today’s news from the industry, a public library will have a mold remediation project. Mold was discovered in the walls of the building. In order to discover that mold was present in the public library, testing was done. As a result, air testing showed significant high levels of mold spore count in several affected areas of the library. Since mold spores were discovered, the affected areas were closed to the public.

When an area is detected and tested positive to have mold spore count in the environment, the area is contained with plastic sheeting to not only contain the mold spores but any dust and materials from spreading to other rooms. After an area is contained, the environment is retested again. As long as there is moisture inside an environment, the chances of mold growing are high. This year, mold has been discovered in several elementary schools and middle schools. When mold is discovered in a public area it can affect not only the area but others who use the space for educational purposes and for work. At Alliance Environmental Group, Inc we understand that mold contamination is a proven health risk. To learn more about the services that our company provides contact us through our website or via our social media sites Facebook and Twitter.

*Below is an infographic of other areas that you may find mold in your home.