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Hope everyone had a great three-day weekend. While doing some research on mold inspection, I came across on this interesting video on ways to protect yourself when someone comes to your home for a mold inspection. This example can also be used when someone comes to inspect your company’s building. In this scenario, a house was tested to have no mold. However, in the video seven companies were hired to test a house for mold. Out of the seven, four companies said that the house did not have any signs of mold. The other three however, thought otherwise. Some tips that were given were:

-Beware of free mold inspections

-Beware of quick inspections

-All certifications are not created equal.

It is also important to keep in mind and make sure that any company who will remove the mold have the necessary training and experience to safely remove molds to avoid any health hazards. Also, ask about their warranty. Reassure that the mold problem will not occur again. It’s also important to browse through a mold removal company’s website. See if they have any reviews on their recent projects. Make sure that the company meets all proper guidelines provided by OSHA and EPA. At Alliance, we follow these guidelines and if you are concerned about having mold in your home or your business we can assist you. Visit our website to learn more about our environmental division. Watch the video HERE provided by ABC news.