MINTIE Provides Proven Worldwide COVID Surge Capacity Solution as International Infection Prevention Week Highlights Tireless Efforts and Bravery of Worldwide Infection Control Community

AZUSA, Calif., Oct. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With the worldwide healthcare industry commemorating International Infection Prevention Week, October 17-23, MINTIE LLC, a third-generation healthcare product innovator and an Alliance Environmental Group company, continues its efforts at infection prevention in the fight against COVID-19 and the Delta Variant.


With the blink of an eye, the year has almost passed us by, as we approach the last quarter of 2021 and October brings with it quite an interesting and eventful month. With celebrations such as Oktoberfest and Halloween, we also throw the spotlight on a significant cause of Breast Cancer Awareness. October is also officially recognized as National Indoor Air Quality Awareness Month, which highlights the importance of indoor air quality and how it impacts us all.


September is here and annually we commemorate national preparedness month. We find ourselves at the crossroads between wildfire season, school districts reopening for in-person learning, the continual dangers and concerns of Covid-19, and the various variants that are still harming our society and the ongoing threat of potential disasters from earthquakes to mudslides.

Air Scrubbers and Negative Air Machines Are Useful Tools in Improving Air Quality

The impact that forest and structural fires have on indoor air quality can be quite severe. Whether a property is in close proximity to a fire or has been damaged directly by the flames, smoke can negatively impact the air quality within the building. Smoke damage requires specialized equipment and technicians to thoroughly and effectively restore the property back to a healthy and clean environment. Professional fire and smoke remediation experts use negative air machines, air scrubbers and specialized charcoal filters in order to clean the air as thoroughly as possible.