The season of traveling for the holidays will begin soon and if you are staying in hotels and motels,bed bugs are on a rise and love traveling around luggage and around your room. These pesky critters can cause an uncomfortable night and disturb your sleep and cause severe itchiness through out your entire trip. Worst case scenario, they can travel in your luggage and travel to your home without you even knowing. The solution, having a bed bug action plan. Many businesses in the hospitality industry are doing a great job in taking action to protect their guests when dealing with bed bugs. Hotels also are working with pest management companies to quickly get rid of any pests and solve their bed bug problems quickly. However, there have also been many cases where hotel management do not know that their hotels have bed bugs and their staff do not as well.


A recent case near the International Los Angeles Airport not only had a bed bug problem but their staff will be on strike and protesting. The hotel will be protesting the disciplinary actions that were given to a housekeeper because she failed to spot bed bugs and failure in doing so have increased their workload. It might be sometimes difficult to spot bed bugs but there are signs of infestation that can be easy to spot. It is important for the lodging industry to teach their staff and inspect their rooms for bed bugs to avoid problems like the L.A hotel. To facilitate early bed bug detection, all hotel employees should receive some bed bug identification training.


Partnering with a pest management company can help your staff plan out an inspection plan that can be done monthly so that your employees can catch the bed bugs before your guests do and becomes a bigger problem.Housekeeping personnel can also alert hotel management when their are signs of bed bugs. It is always important to have an experienced and certified pest management company to treat any bed bug problem. Our Team Heat Division specializes in eliminating bed bugs by using alternative methods like heat. Contact us if you find bed bugs in your environment to re-create a comfortable environment for your staff and guests.

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