We came across this segment on Dr. Oz talking to an expert about how people get bed bugs, how to tell if you have them and how to avoid them:


We are pretty sure that bed bugs don’t usually travel from person to person through direct contact, but the other ways they talk about here are definitely possibilities. Any furniture you bring home–from curbside, from the thrift store, even from the fancy furniture store–must be thoroughly inspected before it comes in the house. That means taking off the plastic outside and giving everything including the seams under the cushions, a good once over.

Here is our advice for inspecting hotel rooms.

And if you discover that a bed bug infestation has somehow taken hold in your home, don’t panic, but do act quickly. The longer you wait, the worse it will get. It won’t go away and it won’t respond to a spray of insecticide from the grocery store. The best treatment for bed bugs is high temperatures, which kill bed bugs at every stage of development, even eggs which can hide in cracks your bug spray will never reach. Alliance Environmental Group‘s team is expert at eradicating bed bugs and other pests with Thermapureheat. Give us a call right away!