Hope you had a wonderful first-weekend-of-summer!

Our CEO Joe McLean sent me a link to this video from Inside Edition about crime scene cleanup (and some troubles some people may have with price gougers while they are upset and not thinking clearly) that we though you might be interested in:

Crime Scene Cleanup on Inside Edition

We have told the story of Aftermath before, but they don’t seem to have learned their lesson…yet.

At Alliance Environmental Group, we know that if you are in need of a crime or trauma scene cleanup, you are already distraught. Doing that job yourself would only make it worse. But we consider it our responsibility to help people through this kind of difficult time. Talk to your homeowner’s insurance claims adjuster before signing any contracts. Find out what they thing your job should cost and how much your policy will cover. And use a reputable Crime and Trauma Scene Cleanup Company like Alliance Environmental Group. Our highly trained teams are also highly empathetic. They know you are suffering and they will not add to your burden. Contact Alliance if you ever find yourself in one of these unfortunate situations.

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