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School starts where we live on Monday so as we bid a fond farewell to lazy pajama days and reset our alarm clocks, we are also reading the news:


Mold is delaying the opening of school in way too many places:

Lugoff Elementary in Kershaw County, South Carolina

Old Mill Pond Elementary in Palmer, Massachusetts

Cedarbrook Middle School in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania

Many, many other schools with mold issues are having the mold removed before school starts.

Bed Bugs:

In St. Louis, Missouri, the police dispatchers discovered some unwelcome guests on the floor. There are no sleeping facilities at the station, so they don’t know how the bed bugs got there. Hope they are using heat to kill them off!

Bed bug infestations are on the rise in Kentucky.

Couch infestations are on the rise in Colorado. No, really! Couches are appearing everywhere! New leases start on August 1st in the area and until 2009 there was an organized “couch exchange” but it was cancelled that year because of bed bug fears. So now people are just putting their old couches outside. Remember when you could get furniture for your off-campus apartment that way…?

We hope you are ready for school–or at least as ready as possible–and the small people don’t give you too much trouble on Monday morning when the alarm goes off. We will be having waffles! We would love to hear about your summer fun or your plans for the fall on our Facebook Page or on Twitter!

Have a great weekend!