We are not the only place talking about lead paint and lead poisoning this week, that’s for sure! Here are some links to other stories we came across in the last couple of days:

Lead in Paint Compromises Health of Pregnant Mothers – Story about a new study by the United Nations Environmental Program from Business Standard. Lead affects pregnant women and infants, not just toddlers eating paint chips!

Parents, Beware of Lead in Your Children’s Toys – That made-in-China toy may have illegal levels of lead which could impair your child’s health and development.

Some good lead news, four years after lead paint was discovered there, the St. Louis Mounted Police stables have reopened. We love to see police officers on horses!

The World Health Organization calls for and end to production and use of lead paint – Lead-based paint was banned in the US in 1978, but there are many countries where it is still legal. Lead poisoning is a huge problem in the third- and transitioning-world.

Oh, dear. In The Nation it was reported that in a study of 120 paint samples from 68 brands–including some claiming to be lead-free–40 percent of samples were found to have lead levels 100x the standard. Read the story before you buy that next can of paint!

In Louisville, Kentucky homeowners can have free home inspections done for lead. If you live in Louisville, your house was built before 1978 and your family includes children under 6, you qualify for the free inspections. We applaud the City of Louisville for being proactive on the issue of preventing lead poisoning!

Was your house built before 1978? Are you sure it’s lead free? Do children live or visit? Take the risk of lead poisoning seriously! And if you need lead paint removal services in California, please contact Alliance Environmental Group!