If you have asthma or respiratory sensitivities, you have probably noticed that your breathing problems are worse at night.


The fact of the matter is your bedroom is a haven for a lot of the things in our homes which can cause asthma or allergy attacks:

Dust Mites:

Pillows, mattresses and bedding are dust mites’ favorite home. Did you know that a 2-year-old pillow could be as much as one-third dust mites, dead skin cells (their food), and their feces? I know, eww! Replace pillows every couple of years and wash pillowcases, sheets and blankets in hot water often!

Heat treatment is the only totally effective way to kill all the dust mites in your home at once. After treatment, you can institute a good cleaning and laundry routine to keep them at bay.


There is mold in your home. There is. Hopefully you are not letting it get out of hand. But mold spores are ever-present. Be sure to run the fan in your bathroom for a half hour after a shower. Fix any leaks promptly and replace water damaged materials. Remember that mold you can see is only a sign of more mold that you can’t. Call in a professional mold removal company if the job is too big for you to handle on your own.

And don’t use bleach to kill mold even in the bathroom! It doesn’t get the roots and it does produce toxic gas! See our blog for alternatives.

Pet Dander:

If your family is like ours, your pets spend a lot of time in the bedroom, when you’re there and when you’re not. If you are sensitive to pet dander, keep the animals out of your bedroom at all times. And bathe your pets (yes, even cats!) more often. It’s not the hair, it’s the dander and you can wash the dander out!

We hope your Halloween wasn’t made less fun by respiratory distress from mold, dust mites or other allergens and that your treats were better than the photo above! Happy November!