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An article about a link between the health of an individual and indoor mold growth is interesting because the article talks about a case study that showed evidence that mold indoors can cause serious health effects to those who are exposed. In previous blogs, we have discussed several symptoms that one can get if exposed to mold. Mold spores can easily enter the body through inhalation and ingestion. Molds can irritate the digestive system and cause uncomfortable symptoms. These uncomfortable symptoms were seen in the case study and were worse. A family lived in a home for ten years and one of the children was tested and the blood test was positive for mold. The children had cases of bronchitis, viral infections, chronic sinusitis, and eczema. The mother had contracted pneumonia and the father started having headaches and upper respiratory distress.

A mold investigation was conducted in the home and as the article quotes, “We found substantial residue in the attic that was confirmed as Stachybotrys. We also received elevated levels of Aspegillus/Penicillium throughout the house and Stachybotrys contamination in the HVAC system.”Once a remediation plan was conducted in the home, the 51 weeks of visiting the doctor a year was no longer necessary and after a month all symptoms had lowered. These type of cases are not uncommon and it shows that people really do get sick from mold in their home. At Alliance Environmental, we understand these problems and are advocates for establishing comfortable and healthier environments for occupants. Our environmental division specializes in mold removal and use of certain technology to remove mold. Visit our website and like our Facebook Community Page to learn more about our environmental division.