When demolition happens, demolition generates large amounts of material that can be reused and recycled such as wood and concrete. There may be substances such as asbestos that can be present in the building. Before demolition happens the demolition permit must be onsite.Hiring a contractor who is valued by LEED requirements and regulations signifies that it is a leader in the field. An LEED professional is active in the green building movement and contributes to a healthier environment for the community around where the demolition happens. Being aware of having an Eco-friendly environment gives the opportunity to recycle some of the material left from the demolition to build energy efficient building. The demolition team at Alliance has several certificates from OSHA and has the requirements and regulations from LEED. If you want to demolish a building but have not expected your building for asbestos Alliance Environmental Group, Inc can provide you with the service you need to get the necessary permits approved. Below is a detailed info graphic on Residential and Commercial Demolition.