It’s been quite a week for both natural and man-made disasters this week in Southern California. We are keeping our eye on the fires in San Diego and thinking of our friends and colleagues in the fire zone. Stay safe everybody!

While we are doing that, we are also watching reports about an oil pipeline bursting in Atwater Village yesterday, where 10,000 gallons of crude oil gushed before it could be turned off. What a mess!

You are asking yourself, can Alliance Environmental Group clean up a crude oil spill?

And of course the answer is…


As of last night, it was reported that cleanup crews were using disposable diapers to soak up the oil. We thought that sounded rather…desperate. What would we do instead?

The photo above is a Hazardous Waste Vacuum Truck, which Alliance would use to suck all that crude oil into a tank and haul it away.

Somehow diapers don’t sound more effective.

Hazardous materials should only be cleaned up by trained professionals. They can be dangerous, volatile and give off fumes that can cause health problems. If you or your organization needs help with cleaning up a hazardous material spill or any other kind of disaster scene, Alliance Environmental Group is here with our professional teams to take care of everything. Whether you need decontamination, vacuum truck services or disposal, we do it all!

I guess we should be glad that the oil spill and the fires aren’t closer together, yikes!

Have a great weekend!

And great thanks to our own Bill Wood for the vacuum truck photo!