Last week we learned about lead found in Indian spices and it reminded us that lead poisoning is a very serious issue.

Most of us think that lead poisoning can only come from eating paint chips, but that is far from the case. If your home was built before 1978 it could have lead paint that enters your indoor environment–and potentially your body–from lead dust when you open and close doors and windows.

Where else can lead be found?

Lead is still used in other countries and imported products can contain high amounts of lead. It can be found in:

Soft plastics

Artificial Christmas trees made of PVC

Cords of holiday lights

Lead was found in jewelry, candy, school supplies and Halloween costumes in 2012.

This blog has previously covered lead found in:

Christmas lights

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If you need help eliminating lead paint from your home, please contact Alliance Environmental Group. Our trained technicians can remove and dispose of all traces of lead without contaminating your home further and following all regulations and industry best practices.

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