In Hamden, Connecticut this weekend, they had to close down public library branches due to a report from a patron about bed bugs.

The anonymous report was, thank goodness, taken very seriously by the library administrators who close down the branches on Friday and immediately called in inspectors and extermination professionals.

Three libraries were closed for the weekend and one library, Miller Memorial Library, was found to contain evidence of a bed bug infestation. All three branches were inspected using bed bug detecting dogs, a more effective and faster inspection method than visual inspection alone.

Areas and materials found to be infested with bed bugs were treated with temperatures over 130 degrees–the same technique we use at Alliance Environmental Group–to ensure that all bed bugs and their eggs were killed. A statement from the library said, “We are assured this treatment is the most effective way to kill the bugs, eggs and larvae.” We agree!

One of the great things about heat treatment for bed bugs is its ability to kill all bed bugs, nymphs and eggs without damaging precious property in the infestation area. It would be tragic to have books become contaminated, have shortened lifespans or be destroyed by chemical pesticides, not to mention the additional time that the libraries would have to have been closed to move the books or clean up chemical residue before library patrons and staff could return to the facility. Heat treatment avoids all of these additional needs, leaving the library safe from bed bugs and the people who use and work in the library safe from dangerous chemicals.

If your building–of whatever use–is found to be infested with bed bugs, we can help! Heat treatment can be used effectively on areas, rooms, floors and entire structures, killing bed bugs and their eggs in one treatment without damaging important property or the health of the people who live or work on site. Contact us for help!

And remember another important lesson from this story: if you see a bed bug, don’t wait! Take care of it right away before it gets worse!

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